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    Welcome to MHJ Agroteknik

    MHJ Agroteknik is a manufacturer / supplier of complete housing solutions in regards to ventilation, air cleaning and feeding systems for pig, poultry and dairy farms.

    Saving energy = saving money
    With the most energy efficient and low-noise EC fan – especially developed for animal housing – the consumption of electricity can be reduced by up to 75% (compared to conventional ventilators). EC-fans have a capacity of up to 140.000 cbm per KWh and with full torque of the controlling range. This makes the fans resistant to pressure and wind, which ensures a straight-flow ventilation.

    Practically you can save up to EUR 500 (less power consumption) per year per fan. Ventilation is a major part of the electricity consumption in the pig houses – approx. 10 KWh. per pig produced. Due to a replacement with EC fans, it is possible to save up to 75% on electricity.

    MHJ’s controlling system CC10 can be upgraded with CO2-controlled minimum ventilation, resulting in energy savings for both ventilation and heat.

    Alarm system
    More farmers need an alarm system.. we have the system that will suit your needs. Contact us for further information.

    Yearly inspection of your ventilation system 
    Have you booked time for the annual inspection of your ventilation system? We have learned that several insurance companies require an yearly inspection of the ventilation system. MHJ Agroteknik make these inspections, please contact us for an appointment.


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